Spring Is Taking A Hiatus


A Beautiful Spring Sunset

The temperatures in the 80s are going to be in hiding over the weekend. And as if on cue Mother Nature has sent us a very beautiful reminder in the form of a nearly perfect sunset this evening.

Tomorrow (and for the next few days at least) temperatures will be more in keeping with the norms for this time of year (50s – 60s). It is supposed to warm up again next Tuesday but for now we can don our warmer clothing and do some shopping or even venture out if we care to, but the shorts and tank tops will have to wait.

My official copy of Lightroom 4 arrived today. I really, really like this program for any number of reasons. But the most important one is that it does a very nice job of allowing me to control the highlight and shadow areas with ease. And its algorithm for clarity introduces very little noise. In fact I can almost get the kinds of colors you see on the CSI : Miami show, very vibrant indeed.

Chicago Lakefront Looking East from the Willis Tower

There are some additional niceties like the ability to correct lens distortion and vignetting that really help in preparing images made with the wide-angle prime lens. Overall it seems to be a tad bit more capable than even Apple’s Aperture 3.2.2. We will see…

Connie took a picture on Wednesday of this week from the Willis Tower looking eastward at the rising sun. It too was a beautiful sight! The sun is being reflected off the nearly placid surface of Lake Michigan.

All week long bikers and joggers have been out along the Chicago Lakefront Trail enjoying the warm weather. And everywhere (including here in the suburbs, daffodils and tulips have been blooming alongside the various flowering trees like the magnolias and cherry.

Chicagoland had a mild winter but it seemed interminably long. Now that it has passed it is time to empty the snow blower tank and run the lines dry. I guess anyone who did not pick up leaves last fall has a daunting chore ahead.

Already the beetles and other bugs (including ants) are setting up shot everywhere. I hope that the mild winter does not lead to too much insect infestation. But at least folks who were struggling to pay their winter heating bills will get a bit of a break.

I look forward to all the warm weather bicycling that my legs can endure. That should be loads of fun!