Scenes from Today

Parked on Jackson Blvd. waiting for Connie.


Summer has reached us already. Last year at this time the Spring weather never materialized. We were either snowed in or frozen for most of this month. Then suddenly summer hit with hot weather and no real chance to have gotten out to ride beforehand.

Now we have the third day of record temperatures and it seems as if summer just suddenly landed in our laps. All of the daffodils. cherry and magnolia trees have bloomed and are in fact shedding those blossoms already. By the weekend we will have lost a good chance to take images of these spring blossoms.

Birds of every kind and description are pecking at lawns in search of food. Robins, gulls, whooping cranes and more are all in evidence. And the waterfowl are everywhere to be seen. It is a wonderful spring and I only hope that the summer is temperate.