Waiting Outside Garmin’s Store On Michigan Avenue


Waiting Outside Gar-min

Chicago has been in the throes of a early spring heatwave. We have experienced temperatures hovering in the high 70s to low 80s. Today in fact was another record setting day for this time of year. I drove into the city to pick up Connie and then we headed over to Michigan Avenue to exchange a couple of brackets for our Garmin automotive GPS unit that turned out to be too large.

I waited outside the store with my flashers going while Connie went inside and made the exchange. I noticed some interesting planters lined up along the south wall of the building. They were empty. Before long the plants that will be grown in them will be planted and color will abound. But for now they look rather empty and inviting as subjects for a street scene.

When Connie returned we headed south along Lake Shore Drive towards the Taylor Street Starbucks coffee shop. Suddenly a peal of thunder rang out and a bolt of lighting lit up the roadway. The sky was not dark and it was a surprise.

A cloud had indeed come to rest over the lake front and we were suddenly in a very heavy downpour. But just a mile west of where we were the sky was shining and there were no clouds. Quite eerie. A couple outside the Starbucks asked if I had just gotten a car wash. I replied in the negative and the husband said “I told you so!” The wife asked then whether I had been rained on. I said “yes” and told them about the thunder storm. They were amazed and delighted that no rain had even reached Taylor Street this far west. We all laughed and wondered at the vagaries of Chicago weather.

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