Geneva (IL) Cemetery and other Landscape Sites


Geneva (IL) Cemetery Scene

The Geneva Cemetery was first up on my list of things to visit today with an eye to capturing more images of local graveyards. We have known about this place for more than 20 years as it lies along the Geneva Spur of the Illinois Prairie Path (IPP) a well known bicycle route in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Civil War re-enactments are often performed along the section of Route 25 onto which the entrance of the cemetery gives. It is a fine place and well maintained. I spent a bit of time there trying to capture what I felt were the more significant monuments.

Downtown Geneva Sculptures

I re-visited the sculpture of Don Quixote that is crafted out of automobile parts and stands in front of a civic building. As I circled the block to find the entrance to the parking lot for this sculpture I noticed that the Geneva Public Library had what is a new sculpture (at least to me). It is an odd bull-shaped sculpture with small children crawling over it.


Then it was a tour of some western farmland with the setting sun behind me. I captured two sites which seemed interesting and unfortunately passed up a few others before realizing that I should have turned around, but the traffic out there is oddly high speed (given the rural setting) and “discretion is the better part of valor” in dealing with it.

Building Structures Late Evening

Thomas Henneman Photography has this to say about the Campana Building in Geneva, IL:

Campana Building, Geneva, Illinois

Situated high on the western bank of the Fox River, this expansive building was designed as a cosmetic factory by architect Frank Chase and was completed in 1937. The sleek design and absence of decoration are characteristic elements of the Art Moderne style of architecture. The building’s signature bands of glass block windows were used to insulate the building and bring natural light to the interior workspace.
In 2003, Campana was designated the first – and still only – local landmark in the City of Batavia. A recent redevelopment plan proposes removal of the original glass block and alteration of the primary façade to insert storefronts on the first floor level.
(quoted from Illinois Landmarks,

I’ve wanted to take this photo for a long time – many false starts (overcast in the early AM). Today I finally got over there for the 2-3 minutes of light we had this AM. See also “Campana Building at Night” in my “Batavia, Illinois” set.

Then it was off in search of coffee to drink with my late evening snack of nuts. As I headed back towards home I was drawn to the First Baptist Church of Wheaton, IL. It has an impressive spire which I usually want to photograph from its eastern side. But today I did the western approach and that turns out to be even more photogenic.