Chiditarod Aftermath 2012


Unwinding after the 2012 Chiditarod Race

The Chiditarod Race was held today. “What is it?”,  you ask:

Still “Probably the World’s Largest Mobile Food Drive”

Seven years strong, Chiditarod can still lay claim to being “Probably the World’s Largest Mobile Food Drive.” Our philanthropic efforts address urban food and hunger challenges by partnering with organizations that provide immediate hunger relief, such as food pantries, and sustainable food empowerment, which is a new initiative for 2012.

Greater Chicago Food Depository Logo

In previous years, teams were met at the finish line by volunteers ready to weigh and collect non-perishable food items to be donated to the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. Unfortunately, the CAHF has closed its doors and we have been in search of a new recipient. In January of 2012 we were able to proudly announce that our food beneficiary is The Greater Chicago Food Depository. The Greater Chicago Food Depository is a nonprofit food distribution and training center that supplies 69 million pounds of nonperishable food, fresh produce, dairy products and meat to 650 pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters for feeding more than 678,000 adults and children in Cook County each year. As is custom and per the rules, each Chiditarod team must bring at least 49 pounds of non-perishable, high-quality food with them on race day for the Epic Food Drive.

It makes me proud that Wicker Park is the place where this sort of effort is occurring. By the time we arrived on the scene the race participants were heading off towards home with their shopping carts and bicycles in tow. I stopped and chatted with the race organizers and they obliged with a few fun pictures for my website.

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Record Selling and Luncheon

Connie took some old LPs to the Reckless Records store around the corner from the race venue and sold them for a pittance before picking up a new CD as partial payment. Then it was over to the Native Foods Cafe for luncheon, something we missed last weekend while enjoying some rather fruitful image making in the far western suburbs of Chicago.