A Shared View of Rosehill Cemetery


Rosehill Cemetery Grave Markers

Rosehill Cemetery has a very ornate entrance which is overshadowed by its location just under the train tracks to the east of the cemetery.

About Rosehill Cemetery

Rosehill Cemetery is a Victorian era cemetery on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois, USA, and at 350 acres (1.4 km2), is the largest cemetery in the City of Chicago. The name “Rosehill” resulted from a City Clerk’s error – the area was previously called “Roe’s Hill”, named for nearby farmer Hiram Roe. He refused to sell his land to the city until it was promised that the cemetery be named in his honor.[2]

Rosehill’s Joliet-limestone entrance gate was designed by William W. Boyington, the architect of the Chicago Water Tower and the Old University of Chicago, who is buried in Rosehill. As Rosehill Cemetery Administration Building and Entry Gate, it was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1975.[1]

Like its sister cemetery Graceland, Rosehill is the burial place of many well-known Chicagoans. The cemetery contains many monuments that are notable for their beauty and eccentricity, such as that of Lulu Fellows.[1]

Several graves from the old City Cemetery, originally located in what is now Lincoln Park were relocated to Rosehill. Some of the gravestones and monuments were also moved to Rosehill Cemetery and can be seen. Monuments relocated from City Cemetery are generally encased in protective glass.

Rosehill was featured in the films U.S. MarshalsBackdraft, and Next of Kin.

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Unlike the cemeteries in the suburbs, those in the city limits of Chicago and Evanston seem wary of bicyclists. You can stroll in on foot or by automobile but bicyclists and often motorcyclists are prohibited.

Rosehill even more so than Graceland is a visual treasure. It is quite a bit larger than Graceland and has a small lake at its center. While there are perhaps fewer mausoleums those that are present along with the grave markers are quite superb in their ornamentation.

Be sure to visit the web link above for the cemetery to view the notables buried there. Connie and I shared the shooting duties today. Enjoy.