A Valentine from the Past – 2012


Roses and Lilies for Connie - 2012

Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions when everyone gets to eat chocolates and drink their favorite champagne with their dearest love and allow the world to drift by in silence. It is fitting that this holiday comes at a point in deep winter when it can be enjoyed best.

Today I spent some time in search of architecture which would be worth photographing and drove as far as Yorkville but found nothing that moved me to take out the camera. But upon my return to Wheaton I passed along Ferry Road and saw the CityGate Centre building which is frankly quite interesting.

The entire front of the building leans forward some 15 degrees or so and it gives you the impression that the building is toppling over onto its face. I wandered onto the property and found a very nice little turn around where I could point the camera up and get a bit of that looming effect of the front.

Next time I am there I will climb to the top floor of the parking garage next door and gain another vantage point of this remarkable design.

Finally, along with the flowers there is a photo in the gallery below of a poem Connie’s grandmother wrote out by hand many years ago. I thought it was a nice touch to include in today’s report.

This poem was recently found in our grandmother’s handwriting (I decorated it). I’m wondering if she wrote the poem herself, there is no other author given. She did have talent in writing. Have a good Day!

— Dotsie Corwin