St. Valentine’s Day Eve Images


Connie's new St. Valentine's Day bear...

The snow is about to return to Illinois, so it was out to get a few pictures before heading into the city to pick up Connie. My “target” was Batavia. Last summer we found a quaint vehicle that was used in parades in the town. It was some sort of vintage VW Bus that was brightly painted and hidden out behind the local water filtration plant. It was gone today.

So I spent time getting images of other buildings and sights in the town before heading back towards Wheaton and then into the downtown area of Chicago. On the way home we stopped at the Starbucks in Little Italy where I grabbed one more image of the Drum and Monkey Pub.

Back home Connie unwrapped the teddy bear she got with her roses today. Of course Gabriella Terra had to examine her potential adversary. But all is well and she sits now perched atop my chair overseeing my typing. Adele is on the iPod. What a wonderful voice she has. Would have loved to have heard a duet between Amy Winehouse and this young lady of 21 years of age. Marvelous!