Saturday Before St. Valentine’s Day – 2012


Saint George's Orthodox Church of Chicago, IL

When the temperatures drop in Chicagoland everyone bundles up to avoid getting frostbite. Today was no exception. The ground was covered with a dusting of snow that had fallen the night before and the barometric pressure sent my arthritis pain through the roof. But a few milligrams of aspirin fortunately did the trick.

So it was off to the city for luncheon at Native Foods Cafe in Wicker Park. We took the scenic route along Chicago Avenue into and out of the city. We stopped for images in Lombard, Oak Park and along Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

The Nikon 1 V1 is still making great images, but I had to make some changes to the post processing needed to render the RAW files with an acceptable contrast range. The manufacturer had released a firmware update during the week and it had made some things about the sensor behave differently.

But once I had established a new Adjustment Preset for Aperture 3.2.2 it was back to work as usual in making the images look as good as the scenes from which they were taken.