Full Moon Plus One


Parking garage at Clinton and VanBuren

Yesterday was a full moon. Three fellows in the wee hours of the morning decided to enter Interstate 80 going down the off ramp and driving headlong into the oncoming traffic. The driver whose car they hit was killed instantly. Two of these guys died in the crash as well. When interviewed by the media the sole survivor in the car with the drunken driver who started it all said that the driver kept shouting “Do you want to die today?”

Today was the day after. The sky was full of reds and very clear as the sun set. But before it did I made my way into the downtown area of the city (Chicago Loop) and drove along Jackson Boulevard trying to capture the glow of the sun off the buildings in the distance, especially the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower).

The architecture in Chicago is noted for its variety and brilliance. Lots of famous buildings and sculptures line the streets. But for now I am content to stay on the main arteries of the city until the weather gets warm enough to ride my bike up to each of the buildings and sculptures to see the “whites of their eyes”.