Overcast but Bright


Christian Church, Naperville, IL

The weather today was mild (nearly 60° F) but overcast and windy. A few bicyclists ventured out but for the most part today belonged to the runners in Naperville, IL. Today I went in search of structures that photographed well against the strong low-angled light from the setting sun.

My first stop was the New Covenant Christian Church. This is a classic building built to look as if it fits in a suburban setting and atop a slight rise near 75th street.

Afterwards its was off to Whalon Lake where there is a nifty barn structure that overlooks the lake area from a high bluff along which the entrance road runs.

Next it was into Naperville again and this time to see the water tower just off Naperville Road. I have photographed this structure many times. My first attempts were with a view camera some 30 years ago. It still looks pretty good when the light is just right.

Last stop was the campus of Lucent (formerly Bell Labs) where the buildings are ultra-modern and all glass with the exception of some stainless steel awnings.