Late Afternoon Fog Images


Blackwell FP in fog.

Today was a foggy day from morning to evening. I ventured out in later afternoon for some coffee and a chance to capture a few images in the immediate area. Fermi Lab despite no longer being an active facility is still filtering traffic at its eastern gate. So instead of entering the grounds I turned around and captured a brief image of the power lines that once fed the particle accelerator on the property.

Then it was back around to Blackwell FP where ice fishermen were still sitting on the ice and trying to bring home some fish for frying later in the evening. As I progress along the main loop of the preserve a coyote spotted or heard my vehicle and took off across the ice towards the east side of the preserve.

I continued to the northeast area from which the large trash mountain atop which one can view most of the surrounding areas of DuPage can be seen in the distance. This hill is the highest point in the preserve but must be surmounted either on foot or by bicycle.

My initial images were mistakenly made in the VIDEO mode of the camera. They are stills but have a 16:9 aspect ratio and are actually in-camera JPEGs. After catching this mistake I switched over to the STILL image mode where the remainder of the images were captured as NEFs which is the Nikon version of a RAW format image file.

I figured that this would provide some idea of the image quality (IQ) differential between the two variants. You be the judge as to which provides the better quality. The post processing of all these images was done in Apple’s Aperture 3.2.2.

I came across an interesting video shootout between the Nikon 1 V1 and another camera, that I thought might prove interesting viewing for those who like this sort of thing. Unfortunately, much of what is related here is more about technical specs than actually image making, but when testosterone is part of the mix, what else might one expect?

In-Camera JPEGs

In-Camera NEFs