Six Inch Snowfall on a Cold Friday Night


Sitting in the van watching the traffic pass by.

Last Tuesday night I was rear-ended on the Eisenhower Expressway just west of the Racine exit on my way to pick up Connie. So for the past few days I have spent time filing an accident report and talking with my insurance agent and a couple of body shops in preparing to have the damaged fenders fixed. In the midst of today’s snowfall I made my way out to the second of the two shops I have visited to get an estimate of repair costs.

By the late afternoon the snowfall had reached at least 3 inches and showed little signs of abating. When I finally had  poked my head out to see how bad the “damage” was I was surprised that one of my neighbors had managed to clear my walks and even my driveway! Wow!

Bless their hearts.

I cleared my walks again and did the portion along the west side of the house (we live on a corner) and redid the portions done earlier. Afterwards I worked on the portions of the driveway and the front walk that lead out to the street. The plows always manage to throw snow onto these openings which kind of makes the occasional walker (i.e. postal worker) or driver (i.e. me) wonder if the guy living in this home ever bothers to clear them. He does and I plan to keep it that way.

When we finished our work (Connie was doing the shoveling of the driveway and front walk while I did the other longer stretches)  we drove for coffee to the nearest Caribou Coffee Shop. As she was inside placing our orders I sat in the van and watched the traffic pass along Roosevelt Road. Most of it seemed to be trucks with plows on the front, hurrying to their next contract, trying to make a bit of money in this cold weather.