More Wind Turbine Landscapes


Wind Turbines

Ever since the Windy 60 Ride this past year I have had a fascination with wind turbines. So when we decided to take a ride west of the Chicago Suburbs we headed once again out towards DeKalb County and then a bit further west and south than ever before.

The images in the gallery below are uncut. I did not toss the several which were out-of-foucs because I am interested in looking at them later and on-the-web is the best place to do that. These images unlike the ones I took a month or so ago are all RAW files.

Actually these are a proprietary brand of RAW file called NEF files. (Note: Many camera manufacturers “gussy up” their RAW files and provide a slightly different type than their competitors.)

The standard post processing routine is to:

  • download the files into a folder on your hard drive (this is usually done using a USB cable that hooks directly to the camera itself.)
  • import the NEF files into your favorite photo editing program (in my case this would be Apple’s Aperture 3)
  • Aperture 3 is nice because it converts the NEF files into RAW files “on-the-fly” during the import procedure
  • open the folder containing the files and perform various adjustments to them that corrects perhaps color or exposure or whatever
  • finally export the RAW files as JPEGs for display on the web

As in the other set of images a month ago the sky was milky and the air seemingly calm. Yet these turbines can catch very faint breezes and begin rotating to produce electricity. For the most part they are silent in their operation. But today I did happen to hear at least one of them make a very faint noise at a distance of about 200 feet.

Half the images here were made by Connie. And most of hers were a good deal better than mine. At any rate we had a bit of fun trying to capture some of the essence of these behemoths. I noted that when in the presence of these giants you feel almost as if you are standing amidst a herd of giant elephants rooted in place and silently watching your every move.