Christmas Dinner at the McCarthy Home – 2011

Berry Colar with his sons


The highlight of these gatherings is when the children get their presents. But I am getting ahead of myself. The story begins with a bit of difficulty.

I’ve been trying to pass on an Apple PowerBook G4 to my niece. But I need to wipe the hard drive clean and reformat it. It seems that the disks that were for that purpose have long since gone to that place in the galaxy where missing software disks retreat.

But after trying for nearly a half hour it was apparent that the disks that were with my sisters MacBook were not going to suffice. So I packed up the unit and decided to take it home again.

After a delicious dinner of jerk turkey which the omnivores in the crowd devoured we all repaired to the living room for the opening of the gifts. This is essentially an hour of pandemonium for the toddlers and it is a sheer delight to hear them squeal with delight.

Enjoy the photos. It was nice to have Brandon home for the holidays after having been “stranded” in Boston last year. We missed Bryan and his family as well as Benjamin and his. But otherwise is was a very nice gathering.