Christmas Eve Eve 2011


Homeless Veterans Shelter Christmas Tree

Our first stop this morning was to the Homeless Veterans Shelter in Wheaton for another round of donations. Connie picked up some food stuffs that she found on sale and we trundled them over to the home. One of the five men houses in the home was there as we arrived. A couple was setting up some things in the dining area for a gathering later in the day.

I grabbed a few shots of the tree in the foyer as well as the cards and guestbook area before leaving. I noticed that the hot shoe cover for my camera had fallen off somewhere, but try as we might even though we retraced my steps we never saw it again.

Afterwards we made a trip to the bagel shop for a very late breakfast and then off to Starbucks for some coffee. Connie was planning on donating some clothing to the Goodwill Store in Naperville, so we swung by and left three armloads of women’s clothes for sale in their thrift shop. As we pulled away the line was forming behind us all the way out to the street. Seems we came just early enough to beat the rush.

We were planning on heading up to Cabelas to see if they had some boots that Connie was interested in, but they turned out not to be in her size. So before leaving the area we made a stab at the local L. L. Bean store where once again there was nothing in her size.

On the way back towards home we decided that perhaps the REI in Oakbrook might be another place to try. And there she found a nice pair of Gore-Tex boots that were in her size and even on sale! So it was off towards home and a chance to curl up with the cats.