Cat Pictures Using Flash

Cassie In Action!


Still trying to figure out the best way to stop action indoors at night on the kitchen floor. I’m getting better stop motion than before. But these are not fantastic images. Just me trying to figure out some technical issues.

The hardest part of all this is figuring out whether to leave the V1 in fully automatic mode or to do what I did tonight which was to:

  • Set image output to RAW mode
  • Set sensitivity range to ISO 100-400
  • Set Focus Mode to Auto-Select AF
  • Set AF-Area Mode to Auto-Area

If you try getting more semi-automatic than this it really slows down your ability to respond to the instant motions of the cats. In fact I will try once again to set the camera to full automatic mode to see if I can replicate these kinds of results. What will also be of interest would be to work in daylight and put the camera into Continuous Mode. When you do this the camera fires off images at 5 frames-per-second until its buffer is full or your release the shutter. Either way you get enough images to be able to pick the “right moment” from the collection. It almost works like having the individual frames from a memory camera (only six times fewer frames per second).

There is an AF-Area Mode which allows you to determine where the camera will begin its search for a focused image:

  • Auto-Area mode allows the camera to choose where in the field of view to begin attempting focus. This is the automatic setting to which the camera defaults.
  • Single Point mode allows you to point to a single area on the focusing grid and to push the OK button to enable the ability to move that single area around on the screen. You push OK again to begin the focus activity. If focus is achieved the box turns GREEN.
  • Subject Tracking mode is a refinement of the Single Point mode. You perform the same steps to initiate the focusing activity only this time should the subject wander in the viewfinder the yellow box moves with it! It turns GREEN if focus is achieved.

Focus Mode determines how the camera focuses. There are five options from which to choose:

  • AF-A – Auto-Select AF lets the camera make the decision as to which of two focus modes to use between AF-S and AF-C.
  • AF-S – Single AF is useful when the subject is still. Pressing the shutter halfway down locks the focus.
  • AF-C – Continuous AF is useful when the subject is moving. The focus continues while the shutter is pressed halfway down.
  • AF-F – Full-time AF is also useful for moving objects. The focus continues regardless of the shutter position.
  • MF – Manual Focus is “old school”. You use the multi-selector dial to achieve focus.