Connie’s Christmas Decorations 2011

Warmth And Cheer

Our Hearth Lights

Winter has gripped the Midwest more tightly this week. Our temperatures are well within the ranges one would expect for this time of year. It is cold enough now that riding our bikes means heading to an indoor turnaround point for food before heading back to the van without dawdling along the way.

Last weekend Connie purchased some new lights to try out on the mantle this year. These are LED lights that are battery-driven. They are safer because they can’t ignite when the wiring gets frayed and they are in fact quite bright despite the energy source.

This particular set even blinks! My sister Victoria Ortiz bequeathed a menorah to us which has pride of place alongside the other ornaments. I miss her presence in our lives and know that she is in a better place.

Two of the four images in this set are over the hunt board in the dining room. Our youngest cat is barely visible as a blur in one of the images. On the hunt board is a tiny Christmas tree. We have it because with cats in the house a pine tree or even an artificial pine is a problem. Cats love to launch themselves onto the limbs and before you know it the tree has been toppled. Don’t ask how we know this.