Gabbie Sunning Herself In The Breezeway

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Gabbie Sunning Herself In The Breezeway

I’ve just about given up trying to photograph the cats with flash inside the house at night. The images gained from that exercise had been disappointing. The flash duration was not short enough or bright enough to always stop the cat in motion and so lots of blurring resulted.

So after seeing a very nice image of a cat sunning herself I decided to try to capture one of Gabbie doing the same thing. She asked to be out in the breezeway this afternoon. The sunlight was bright and air quite crisp. The high today was in the 30° range. Nevertheless she sat calmly watching her favorite squirrel and birds go about their chores preparing for winter.

Afterwards she came in and had a bit to eat before once again asking to be “let out” onto the breezeway. I always try to accommodate since I know what it feels like to be “stir crazy” in the winter time. But unlike her I don’t have a fur coat. So when we both sit in the breezeway I come prepared with a coat and/or long underwear. And frankly I generally leave before she does.

This image was made through the slight opening in the kitchen door that leads to the garage. I used the 30-110mm for these shots and set the camera to auto mode. It selected both the focusing and the exposure. Frankly it does a great job in normal lighting situations. And there is very little lag between when it finds the proper focus and you release the shutter.