Rapid Transit Visit Ride


Native Foods Manager

Nothing makes wintery weather more pleasant than sunshine. The sun offers a bit of increased warmth that despite the actual temperatures is palpable and inviting.

So it was great to be out in the sunshine today. The temperatures were a balmy 40° with sunshine and that of course made all the difference.

Our first stop was to the Taylor Street Starbucks for a potty break before taking side streets up to Milwaukee Avenue and then on to the Native Foods Cafe in Wicker Park.

Connie was on a mission to reach her seasons mileage goal and so we ate our meal and then traveled a few blocks over to Rapid Transit’s Wicker Park bicycle shop. Then it was back to the van parked in the UIC Campus parking lot on Halsted and Taylor.

But as luck we have it the detour to Rapid Transit was not enough to get the mileage Connie needed so we made an additional loop south of the parking lot and back and just as we were circling the ramps leading up to the van she crossed her mileage goal and that was enough to make the both of us quite happy.

We stowed the bikes and headed out in search of coffee to help was down the Boogie Bar we had for dessert from the Native Foods Cafe. Sad of course to see the weekend over but glad to have made it with a sense of accomplishment!

Note: The manager at Native Foods Cafe came over to inquire about the Nikon 1 camera I was holding. He had some interest in finding out whether it was a good enough platform to supplant an older DSLR he has. I guess like me being able to travel with a nice lightweight DSLR package in a small container is inviting. I took a picture of him with the camera and posted it here as the featured image for his benefit.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 11.0 miles
Time: 1h 29m 58s