Herman Cain Departure Luncheon Ride

Camera Shop Visit

SB-N5-Speedlight (front)

On the way into the city we made a quick stop at PJs Camera Shop in Glen Ellyn, IL. I wanted to check out their camera bags. I have one on order but it was sight unseen when I did so. Luckily PJs has a ProMaster line of bags which worked very nicely for me.

In the process of using their Nikon 1 V1 to see how the camera and one lens would work in their bags the sales clerk made mention of the fact that they had now received a shipment of Nikon 1 SB-N5 flash units for that camera.

Frankly I was once again overwhelmed with how tiny the camera series really is. This flash was about the width of a couple of my fingers and not much taller. It will fit in the bag with plenty of room to spare.

Mine should arrive early next week and I cannot wait to try it out. Gabbie (our youngest cat) is a feline dynamo. She sits still about as often as Connie does, which is seldom if ever. Trying to capture unblurred images of her indoors is all but impossible. This unit should make that a cinch!

Herman Cain

Herman Is No Longer Squirmin’

Herman Cain put the GOP primary contest on less distracted footing today by stepping down. He gave a rather rambling speech while we drove along the Eisenhower Expressway. Frankly, he has been something of an embarrassment to Conservatives and especially those who are black (he doesn’t like to speak of himself as an African-American). Ann Coulter that paragon of black culture pronounced him and other black Conservatives as more “impressive” than their Liberal counterparts. I guess only time will tell whether that assessment was correct.

In the meantime his wife will have to pick up the pieces of her personal dignity and find some solace at no longer having to rush to her man’s defense when another woman emerges with a tale of sexual harassment or an intimate affair. Herman however chose to characterize himself and his campaign in lofty terms. He used an anthem from Pokemon to frame his departure. It’s a nice song but hardly seems to be appropriate under the circumstances.

Herman has managed to set back the cause of Conservative black politicians for a few years or so. In the meantime Liberal African-Americans can continue to address the gubernatorial needs of the state of Massachusetts and the mayoralty of Newark New Jersey.

‘Life can be a challenge. Life can seem impossible. It’s never easy when there’s so much on the line. But you and I can make a difference. There’s a mission just for you and me.’”

The verses he cited are from the song “Power of One,” by the disco singer Donna Summer, which was the theme of the 1999 movie.

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A timely quote regarding Failure:

“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame someone else.”

— John Burroughs

Ride Summary

Our Tour Easys Waiting Outside

It was pretty late in the day (nearly 2 PM) when we arrived at the UIC parking lot on Halsted. We rushed to get the bikes ready to venture out on the route towards the Native Foods Cafe in Wicker Park. We had waited this late in order to get a ride in today. The Elmhurst Bicycle Club rides for the day had nearly all been cancelled due to the wind and rain. But around 1 PM the sun peeked out and we made our way to the Loop for a bit of riding.

We went west a bit to clear the Halsted Street intersection with Milwaukee Avenue before heading north to Milwaukee a couple of block south of the cafe. We pulled in and the place was virtually full. It took a few minutes before a seat was available and I ducked inside while Connie locked the bikes and brought in our valuables from the seat bags we normally ride with.

We sat at the long table in the front of the dining area. When our food came we ate with relish. The cold weather has a way of making one a “bit peckish”. Other couples and individuals came through the front door and eventually made their way to tables as they opened up following the departure of others.

At our table a young lady had ordered a meal to go but decided to stay and eat. The waiter and I kidded her about the fact that she was “breaking the rules” by eating a meal in which was ordered to carry out. We all had a good laugh! Another couple with a young daughter eventually arrived. He was a raw food-ist who decided to try the place out having heard a good deal about it on the internet, no doubt.

He and I compared notes on other vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the area. This was their first time at Native Foods Cafe, while they had frequently Karyn’s Raw Food Bar many times. We said our goodbyes and headed out to the the bikes. Once again we were on the streets making our way towards UIC. We arrived as the sun was setting and were glad to stow the bikes and head off in search of coffee.

A nice day after all.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 8.7 miles
Time: 1h 01m 31s