Wintery Ride to Native Foods Cafe

Connie Gets Ready for Return Ride

Wintery Conditions

By the time we reached the Loop it was getting dark and the temperatures were holding at about 46° F. Nevertheless it was fairly warm when you went with the wind.

We took an alternate route to and from the restaurant. The major aim was to visit the Taylor Street Starbucks shop to use their bathroom facilities before continuing on our way northward.

I grabbed images of the Joe DiMaggio Fountain adjacent to the shop as it sits “wrapped up” for the season. Inside the cafe we ordered and ate our meals. I had the daily special which was a chicken sandwich that tastes and has mouth feel like a giant McDonald’s McNugget but of course is meatless.

Connie ordered the meatless Reuben with sweet potato fries. It was pretty good and “looked the part”. The fries were sprinkled with sea salt, organic sugar and a green herb that tasted rather good in fact. I also ordered a soup of the day and enjoyed that as well.

On the way back we took side streets rather than venturing along Ashland as we had on the way up. This was actually a pretty good alternative and will take a variation of it on Thursday when we visit again for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 8.7 miles
Time: 0h 58m 12s