Faster Fox River Trail Ride in Blustery Weather


Connie Ready to Ride the Fox-River-Trail

Ride Summary

Last night we decided to ride the Fox River Trail. The direction we chose to ride was from the Batavia Municipal Parking Lot south to Illinois street and back.

The wind dictated that we ride this way as it was gusting up to some 30 MPH from the south. So the ride down was into the wind and you could feel the pressure of it as you push the pedals.

The light was nearly gone as we set out. We had eat breakfast earlier in the day and as we drove out to the river it began to rain. So we decided to grab luncheon at El Taco Grande. Afterwards the ran had ceased so we pulled out the Tour Easy bikes and began our ride.

Only a very few riders were out on the trail. The rest were lone walkers and a couple of folks with dogs. At the turn around point the wind at our backs we had a much easier time keeping our pace (10-12 MPH). What was in abundance were squirrels. I made certain to try and avoid them as the seem to love to dart onto the trail just in front of your bike wheels.

Back at the van it was great to stow the bikes and drove off to the local coffee shop for a cup of java and a muffin. A nice day on the trail and despite the weather we enjoyed the ride.

Cyclometer Info

12.3 miles
1:06:07 time