Tour of North Sheridan Road Before Luncheon at Native Foods Cafe

Report Summary

Baha'i Temple

The Lakefront Trail today was swimming with folks out to get another chance at warm temperatures and sunshine despite the stiff southwestern winds that swept across Chicagoland. Heading north along Lake Shore Drive we reached Sheridan Road and took it all the way north to the Baha’i Temple.

But just before reaching the Temple we came across the Lighthouse Beach Park in Evanston. It is quaint and would provide a very nice rest stop and bathroom facility in warmer weather.

Afterwards I set the GPS to navigate a more direct route to the Native Foods Cafe in Wicker Park. We settled in to luncheon while watching the passersby with their dogs and baby strollers. The winds were too high to sit outdoors so we sat just inside the rear door.

I enjoyed their Gyros Bowl and Connie the Chicken Twister Wraps. What was different were the desserts. They have three kinds of cupcakes, Chocolate, Vanilla and Rose Cardimum. We had the latter. It appears to have sprinkles which turned out to be dried rose petals. The flavor is powerful and the aroma is like smelling a bouquet of roses.

It was a nice day and here’s to hoping that we can ride to the Native Foods Cafe on Thanksgiving. The parking in the area makes bicycling preferable.