Whalon Lake – River Walk Ride

Ride Report

Connie gets ready to take off on our ride

The weather today was windy and in the 60s as we began our ride from Whalon Lake’s parking lot. We begin with a clockwise circumnavigation of the lake itself and then headed outbound on the trail that leads into downtown Naperville.

There is still some color showing on various kinds of trees. They usually present as bright yellow or orange and are stunning when viewed against the prevailing light.

Riders are coming towards us and some like us are traveling around the lake before heading back on an outbound journey leg. We are stiff from the cold but begin to sweat quite nicely with each subsequent ride in the terrain.

The woods on the Naperville River Walk Trail are stunning at this of year. Lots of dog walkers and even joggers. What is most interesting are the number of riders in shorts, t-shirts and no jacket. I guess that some folks are very warm blooded indeed.

By the time we reach downtown Naperville the light is starting to fade. We sit outside enjoying a ProBar and a bagel with peanut butter between us. We drink from our water bottles and talk to the lady behind us who has a delightfully nice dog who has smelled our food and is offering to share.

Before we grow any colder we head back to the trail head and wind our way back to Whalon Lake. Under the gazebo I spot the velomobile of fellow club member Roger Pardon. He is there with his wife Karin. They have ridden over from their home and are about the circle the lake before returning to rake leaves.

We pack up our bikes and head home having enjoyed a delightful autumn ride, no doubt one of a handful we will see before the snow flies.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 19.1 miles
Time: 1h 59m 21s