Centennial Trail Toodle

Setting Out

cen_trailmap (PDF)

Connie at the Isle A La Cache Museum

The Centennial Trail runs between The Isle A La Cache Museum in Romeoville to Columbia Woods. Beginning at the western end makes it easy to find a washroom before setting out on the 12.5 mile stretch. It turns out that half way to the eastern terminus we did encounter a new port-potty at a juncture where to my knowledge there had been none before. I am guessing that it will be removed when the weather turns colder.

You can tell from the profile in the GPS mapping above that this is essentially a flat trail. The only real climb is up to the trailhead about a 0.10 mile from the Museum. From there you cross an historic bridge before heading east under the Veteran’s Memorial Highway.

As we passed under the highway it was interesting to reflect on our first sight of this roadway a few years back when we were among a thousand or so riders who did an inaugural ride up to Route 6 and back. It was a very cold and very windy ride and a lot of folks must have come away with hypothermia. Now it just looked like a very elevated roadway on impossibly thin stilts.

Up ahead is another overpass that leads into Lemont. Like the one before it is high but not nearly as elevated. A quarter of a mile north you can see the Hindu Shrine we like to call the Wedding Cake glistening in the sunlight. All along the path are mounds of mulch that are ready for sale.

We pass one of three recumbents we are to encounter today. It is a lady riding a bright pink or orange Catrike. She waves hello and continues alone towards the western terminus. I gathered that she was on her inbound leg since we never saw her again.

The gas line spanning the I & M Canal is being worked on today. There are guys up in cherrie pickers painting the exterior of the main tube. We stop and grab a couple of images. Then its on to Columbia Woods and rather than stopping there we head over to the gas station just beyond the entrance.

It is nice to have a clean restroom. We purchased some energy water and a bag of GORP to help defray the cost of maintaining the washroom before heading back.

Inbound Leg

The trip back was uneventful. We got a close look at the nests of the cranes high up in trees alongside the trail. But right now there does not appear to be any activity. I think that the coming spring will be a different story.

As we are nearing the end of the trail we spot a couple on Sun Bikes. His is a Super Sport and hers is something a bit smaller. We wave and continue our way to the van.

One last pitstop and then we head over to Route 59 to visit a small Mexican restaurant where we purchase a couple of bean and rice burritos to eat with Jarritos. Yummy!

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 25.9 miles
Time: 2h 29m 06s