Whalon Lake and River Walk Trail Out and Back Toodle

Wonderful Weather

Connie Circles Whalon Lake in the Fall 2011

It would be criminal to have been forced to stay indoors today! The weather was picture perfect and while the high was nearly 80 degrees it was low humidity. It made for a wonderful day to ride and the fall colors were gorgeous!

Whalon Lake is situated in Will County. Just “across the street” to the west is the Naperville River Walk Trail. It feeds into Whalon Lake and makes for a nice 20 mile loop.

This is actually a rather stunning trail and lake design. It makes for a place to train, recreate and relax. There is a dog walk/exercise area at Whalon Lake as well as a very nice place to fish or even bird watch. The trail has some very nice stands of oaks and other trees which at this time of year is almost too scenic.

We let the Starbucks shop in downtown Naperville be our turnaround point. It was nice to down a cold chai tea latte while munching on a bagel with peanut butter. Next door a couple of fellows were sitting out the Bull and Bear Tobacco Shop smoking cigars and talking sports. Families were walking in and out of the chocolate shop a couple doors down from the smokers and everyone seemed excited to have such nice weather at this time of the year.

When we got back onto the trail to make our way to Whalon Lake for the return leg there were lots of families with toddlers and dogs enjoying the fresh afternoon air and sunlight. By the time we reached Whalon Lake the sun was a bit lower in the sky as we did one last loop of the lake.

A father, grandfather and son were walking a 180 pound brindled mastiff around the like. He was only a couple of years old and was truly gorgeous! The father said that his three year old son and he were “best of friends”. I love dogs and could easily understand the relationship.

We stowed the bikes and headed home. As we were leaving a couple of riders in what I thought were EBC jerseys came riding around the lake for a second time. They like everyone else just could not let the day go…

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 20.3 miles
Time: 2h 23m 23s