Village Grind Toodle from Batavia Municipal Parking Lot and Back

Scarecrows in Oswego, IL

A Weekend of Glorious Colors

Staying indoors today would have been criminal. If you could have been out you should have been. I wonder if people realize that all the moodiness they often experience is possibly due to a lack of sufficient exercise?

If you were to travel the entire length of the Fox River Trail (end-to-end) it would probably be some 40 miles distance or more. I especially like the portion that runs south of the Virgil Gilman Trail into Oswego, IL. It is quite scenic and has some terrain elevations that keep it from being boring.

When you reach the Village Grind Coffee Shop in Oswego you can sit outside the shop and drink your beverage or cross the street and peruse the bicycles for sale in the shop across the street.

And afterwards you can head over to the Oswego Park where the children can enjoy the giant jungle gym while the adults sit nearby under shaded gazebos. It is a very nice park and it sits right along the Fox River. Today a couple of fellows were situated on a park bench facing the river playing their string instruments as we rode by on our way back to Geneva.

Once back in Batavia we stowed the bikes and made our way over to El Taco Grande for some carryout burritos and Jarritos to wash it all down. A great ride and a visibly brilliant fall foliage display make for a grand day!

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 26.5 miles
Time: 2h 59m 01s