Quinn’s Coffeehouse Ride

Map of Quinn's Coffeehouse Ride

Cue sheet for Quinn’s Coffeehouse Ride

Outbound Leg

I donned the tail sock and front fairing on the Easy Racers Tour Easy and set out for McCollum Park. The ride is easy until you reach Leask Lane where the traffic picks up its pace and you have to really stay alert.

When you cross Ogden you are cresting the ridge heading downhill to reach the other side of Route 53. I have included the cue sheet for the complete ride since the GPS unit did not capture the second half of this ride. But you are welcome to view the first half as it exists on the Garmin Connect site.

It is amazing how different the terrain is once you reach Downers Grove and Clarendon Hills. The terrain is rolling but steep. You can feel the hills in your legs on a recumbent. Your heart rate climbs and the burn from the buildup of lactic acid is palpable.

When I reached McCollum Park the group was already a half hour or more out on the route. So I headed directly to Quinn’s Coffeehouse to meet up with them. They arrived shortly after 11:00 with about 15 miles or so under their collective belts. The group numbered somewhere near a dozen or more. In fact there had been two groups and this was the slower one.

While waiting I sat and drank the rest of my first water bottle and downed a ProBar. This was the first food I had eaten all day. And as of this writing several hours later remains the only food intake thus far.

Inbound Leg

Getting back was simple. I turned on the GPS unit and asked it to navigate back towards home. Something I did caused the unit to fail to capture my inbound leg but I was able to reconstruct it from memory.

The route back was on busier roads and while not unpleasant is typical of what a GPS thinks is rideable. It even wanted to put me on Roosevelt Road to climb the hill into Glen Ellyn. I declined and found a safer way to get beyond the highway into Glen Ellyn and then Wheaton.

A good ride and the bike performed admirably.

Cyclometer Info

Distance: 30.7 miles
Time: 3h 21m 24s