Hot Dog Tour Sans The Hotdogs

Hot Dog Tour
Distance: ~30 Miles
Description: Our stops will be Murphy’s Red Hots at 1211 Belmont; Superdawg; Poochies. I replaced Hot Dougs because the line is normally too long. I added Murphy’s because it had the highest rating in an on- line hot dog website I had visited. I wanted to give it a try. It should be an old fashioned Chicago hot dog similar to Poochies (which had the 4th highest rating) They did not love Superdawg but I think the ambiance makes the visit worthwhile and I still like their dog. We will see. The ride is 29.9 miles with the new configuration. Murphy’s does not open until 11 so we will probably leave Chandler about 945 am The ride is scheduled for 930. I suggest you pick a partner and share a dog at each stop. This way you will get a taste of each of the three dogs without getting too full.

Come ride with us. This ride is always listed as a moderate ride. However, we usually have a large group and often break into moderate and slower packs. The moderate riders will get in line for us at the next stop. I will make sure that no rider (or eater for that matter) is left behind. We will make sure that an experienced rider is leading the slower group. All riders are welcomed. For question contact Dave

When: Sat Sep 24 09:30 – 14:30 Central Time
Where: Chandler-Newberger Community Center – 1028 Central St. Evanston, IL

Rain Reaches Monsoon Level?

Roadies Out for a Rainy Ride

After taking a look at the online weather prognostication for today I decided to write the ride leader for the Evanston Bicycle Club’s Hot Dog Ride to verify that he intended to actually hold the ride. It was a 50% chance all day long for rain. I explained that rather than waste the gas to drive to Evanston (should there be any chance of cancellation) that I would prefer to know the night before to change my plans accordingly. He replied that he would ride in anything short of a “monsoon”. Like me he had rain gear and a willing spirit. So we packed up on Friday night and rose before dawn to reach the starting location for the ride.

We were putting the fairings and tail socks on when the ride leader and two of his club cohorts came riding up from the Chandler Park end of things with some rather sheepish looks on their faces. Mind you they were fully clad in rain gear from head-to-toe and were each riding expensive wannabe bikes. The ride leader explained that they had decided to not ride today and were simply going to grab some breakfast. Uh huh.

This kinda reminds me of why I have no respect for the following:

  • Tea Party members who despise government debt but carry a continuous balance on their personal credit cards. These balances are often in the thousands of dollars and were run up in an effort to enjoy a flat screen television, a smartphone and a MP3 music player. All of course dire necessities in their lives.
  • Evangelical preachers who rail against homosexuals but visit them for soothing massages and methamphetamines.
  • Georgia clergy who also rail against homosexuals and then are hit with allegations from four of their male parishioners and claim that this is all a misunderstanding. But agree to settle out of court.
  • Politicians who repeat allegations that HPV vaccines have caused retardation in young girls. But when the scientific community takes them to task for this reckless speech they do a flip-flop and blame the parent who made the baseless claim.
  • Club level riders who have on $80 jerseys, $60 bike shorts, $200 helmets, $30 gloves, $200 cycling shoes, $1,500 steel touring bikes and not a single patch kit, inner tube or pump anywhere on their persons. And during the ride in the midst of telling you how much they despise the welfare mother who is unprepared for the demands of life and is siphoning off tax dollars that they do no deserve, suddenly discover that they have a flat. And immediately want to know whether anyone can give them an inner tube so that they can continue the ride.

So it turns out that I need to add to that list ride leaders who overstate their willingness to ride when the could very easily admit to being wimps and save you the trouble of driving 50 miles (round trip) only to learn that all they are prepared to do is eat breakfast.

Well I rode the entire route today and with a 10 minute duck for cover under an overpass there was a noticeable lack of much rain. In fact any number of roadies came whizzing past on their shiny plastic and carbon fiber creations sporting rooster tales galore. In fact not only were they out but dozens upon dozens of riders in street clothes with dress shoes were out riding as well. Most looked as if their bikes were probably being used a basic transportation.

One father with a child in a rear carrier seat came by each of them riding with helmets and obvious to the sprinkling that was occurring at the time. I decided then and there never to again speak ill of the roadies in their wannabe cycling kits. They at least know the value of actually riding a bike. It’s the club level riders who are somewhere above the newbies with more expensive bikes than they deserve who love to dress as if they are willing to ride in any weather conditions but end up being “all hat and no cattle”

A Vegan Variation On The Hot Dog Tour

So since we were not going to be riding with any meat eaters today we decided to pass by two of the hot dog houses but also stop in at the local Chipotle and grab a bite to eat. The folks behind the counter was simply amazed by the bikes. And that goes too for all the passersby who stopped and stared.

After luncheon we set out to reach first Murphy’s Red Hots and then SuperDawg’s. Hot dog stands are a real part of Americana. They are ubiquitous and many have a real flair. Unlike bars and dives these are places where you can take your children and enjoy a meal together all summer long.

By the time we reached SuperDawg’s the temperatures were starting to drop a bit. And the original route called for us to take the North Branch Trail for a few miles before exiting and heading in towards Evanston on the return leg. When we reached the exit point from the trail I had the GPS unit simply head us back towards the van rather than following the remainder of the route that brought up past the newly appointed Poochies Hot Dogs shop. We drove back on our way home and got a snapshot of the place. It frankly is nowhere near as appealing (visually) as the other two.

All-in-all it was a great ride. The North Branch Trail is still a nice ride and despite the rather short steep overpasses in a couple of areas is delightful to visit.

Distance: 31.3 miles
Time: 3h 36m 56s