REI Oakbrook Shopping Toodle : Labor Day Weekend 2011

Setting Out

U.S.-made Tour Easy

The weather today was very cool and breezy as compared with that of yesterday and the day before! It made for a nice almost fall-like ride to the Oakbrook REI. We took the Illinois Prairie Path Trail to Villa Park where we left it at Summit and rode the rest of the way into the Oakbrook store.

Upon arriving I was reaching over to pick up something that had dropped to the ground when there was a very loud snapping sound from the base of my Sun Easy Racers LE seat. Upon closer examination it was discovered that the fiberglass pan had broken alongside the metal plate holding the two quick release skewers. Yikes!

I waited while Connie rode back to the house and returned with our van to rescue me! In the interim I thought about the implications of this failure. It means that the original seat design of Gardner Martin was correct. Despite the fact that there is more welding to create the two support flanges for the seat base, it guards against this sort of seat failure.

Using the new design from Easy Racers, Inc. you now have literally NO SUPPORT on either side of the seat base plate where the two attachment skewers pierce the top tube. I think that Denton Coetzee might wish to rethink his current design. If the seat pan were given a wider support plate that might help.

Distance: 20 Miles
Time: 2h 7m 26s

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