Whalon Lake Loop : Labor Day Weekend 2011

A New Destination


Connie Rides Whalon Lake Trail

Whalon Lake is situated in Bolingbrook, IL. The lake itself was formed when a quarry was allowed to fill up. There is a trail that circumnavigates the lake with a small climb at the southeast corner, otherwise it is pretty flat.

There is a gazebo on the west side of the lake and a nice set of toilets. A boat launch area is located at the far east end of the parking lot facing the lake. This is a nicely created activity complex.

As you enter there is a remnant barn from days gone by and as you enter the first parking lot there is another gazebo where today a group of Amish were out enjoying a Sunday afternoon. Across from this area is a several acre dog park. In fact there are two. One specifically reserved for small dogs.

The First Leg of the Route

From our home you have to travel southward along Leask and Yender Roads. Yender changes it name several times before it intercepts Lisson Road. From there you meander through subdivisions before reaching the entrance to Whalon Lake off of Royce Road.

The traffic up to Lisson is busy today but not too bad. A couple of cars pass “dangerously close” especially considering that they had an empty lane to use to the left, but some knuckleheads like to intimidate bikers. So you have to learn to ignore them otherwise things could get ugly.

Lisson is a bit of a climb just before it reaches Whalon Lake. We encountered a few roadies out getting in a workout. But for the most part the trip was uneventful.

The Naperville Riverwalk Return Route

Dupage River Trail Map_Public_Apr2010_CURRENT (2)

What makes this ride and the lake visit enjoyable is that it connects directly to the DuPage River Trail. You can ride back along this trail to eventually reach portions of it that run through Naperville. And when you finally exit the trail you are near downtown Naperville. Signs lead you either to the Naperville River Walk or the train station.

If you wish you can stop on Jefferson Street near the Apple Store and grab a couple of ice Chai Teas as we did today. The place is buzzing with tourists and townies who are all out shopping and enjoying the Last Fling celebration. After downing the teas and a bagel we head back into Wheaton along the now reopened stretch of Wiesbrook Road that runs past Herrick Lake.

I would recommend this ride to just about anyone who has a Sunday to ride the roads and then the trail segments. You can always find a less busy stretch of roadway that Yender but if you don’t mind Sunday drivers then have at it.

Distance: 33.3 miles
Time: 3h 17m 47s