Labor Day Weekend 2011: Village Grind Toodle in the Rain

Connie's Ti-Rush parked outside the Daily Grind in Oswego, IL

A Hodgepodge Day

It was after a bit of a late start that we grabbed breakfast and headed out to get a preview of the ride we plan to do tomorrow. That one will take us down to Whalon Lake in Bolingbrook, IL. This is a really nicely designed recreation complex which contains a fishing pier, dog walking park and picnic area and several miles of bike and hike trails.

We will ride back from this area along the newly created Naperville Riverwalk Trail arriving in downtown Naperville for coffee before heading home along routes that we have done many times in the past.

By the time we had reached the Batavia Municipal Parking Lot it was getting on towards 1 PM and grower hotter and muggier every minute. The weather guys predict that by Monday the temperature will be more fall-like. That will be fine but it portends the coming of winter and that has a bad ring to it.

Didn’t It Rain

Mahalia Jackson is singing the theme to the movie clip below. While it was indeed wet, we have no reason for complaining. First off it was wetter bar far the day we rode back from the Veggie Fest earlier last month. And of course we have no reason to complain given the wet storms and hurricanes that have ravaged the East Coast. Better to remain silent on the subject than provoke some truly wet weather in these parts.

Foliage along the river is now nearly gone. The daisies are dying and the other flowers so full and in bloom just weeks ago are almost gone. Leaves have begun to drop from some of the trees that have the shortest summer life. The squirrels are clearly planning for their winter needs and the wading birds (Egrets and Blue Herons) are busy trying to gather up enough food to make it to their next rest stop.

Village Grind Tea and Coffee Shop

In downtown Oswego we stop and enjoy some iced teas. I have the chai tea with soy milk and enjoy the nutty sweet flavor or the drink. It helps to wash down the creamy peanut butter filled bagel that we brought to share. Across the street a father, mother and daughter group are testing out Trek road bikes. It would appear that both mom and dad are about to spring for new bikes. Great news for the economy!

After a suitable period we climb back aboard the Easy Racers Ti-Rush bikes were are riding today and head north again to Batavia. But this time when we reach the Virgil Gilman Trail we exit it a bit further west just to see what the prescribed route used by the Forest Preserve and the City really looks like. Yikes!

The route I use takes us along a fairly recumbent friendly set of streets before reaching the trail. This route that is marked with official signs has two rather nasty steep climbs that while not difficult are clearly evidence that the planners paid no attention to the fact that newbies using it would find it more than difficult.

By the time we reach Batavia the sky is getting darker. We opt to grab some El Taco Grande burritos as takeout meals and head over to the river to eat them while watching the fountain spray its waters high into the air. The avocado burrito is really tasty and I wash it all down with a lime Jarritos.

Then we hit the road again in search of coffee and a bit of dessert. We will make one last trip to the local Borders Book Store for CDs and books. This is a sad closing for anyone who loves to read.

Distance: 27.1 miles
Time: 2h 40m 56s