Chowpatti Luncheon Visit 8-20-2011

Passing Through

Miles of Smiles

Tom and Karla Fesmire came through town on their way north to Wassau, WI where they will visit with her parents for a week. Kaitlyn and Sarah their daughters made the trip as well. They took the train from Lynchburg, VA to Chicago and will drive the remainder of the distance before returning next weekend.

We met them at the Chowpatti Vegetarian Restaurant a long standing staple in the vegetarian landscape here in Chicagoland.

The restaurant is located in Arlington Heights and has been there nearly thirty years! The menu is varied. I enjoyed a veggie burger with veggie chili. The chili was delicious but spicy.

It was good to see the girls again, they were in town around the Holidays this past winter.