Chicago Air and Water Show Preview Toodle

Outbound to Luncheon

Connie Places our Native Foods Cafe Order

Traffic into the city today was miserable. I arrived a bit later than anticipated but we were off to have luncheon at Native Foods Cafe after a brief period of preparing the bikes for the road.

We purposely decided to include the new Kedzie Bike Lane in the mix since it has received mixed reviews on ChainLink. Frankly, did not see what all the fuss was about. As with most things on the ChainLink the “boo birds” often have greater visibility than the calmer heads. Too bad.

Did see a few hipsters heading home along Milwaukee Avenue. I was simply appalled at the lack of obedience to the Rules of the Road being displayed. I counted the willful disregard for the traffic lights by one young lady at each and every intersection. She just ignored the red lights and proceeded through.

On our way up to Kedzie along Jefferson a bike cop in fact did the very same thing! Yikes! I noted that another hipster followed him in transgressing the light, we stayed put. No wonder city bicyclists and motorists are so very antagonistic. Bikers are simply a law unto themselves down there.

By the time we reached the Cafe I was ready to try just about everything on the menu. But I settled for the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger and Connie had the Twister Wrap. We washed it all down with the Lavender Lemonade. My server offered a refill but the lemonade was out, so I tried instead the Native Iced Tea. It was actually pretty good as well. But the lemonade was “to die for”.

We actually got to hear and see much of the Blue Angels (?) as they thundered overhead while we ate. We were evidently directly in their flight path as they roared up the coastline and into the interior of the city.

For dessert we split a Boogie Bar. This is pretty dense stuff and despite being so it was not too filling and very, very tasty. A quick pit stop before leaving and we made our way over to the Lincoln Park Zoo area before entering the Fullerton Beach viewing area.

But by now the show was over (this was the preview day). So we headed north to the terminus and then back south again to the Buckingham Fountain area where we left the trail and moved into the interior. As we passed through the Fullerton Beach area on our way back to the van, we did get to witness a very astounding automobile accident just some 10 yards from our position on the trail.

It involved four vehicles. Two of them in the middle actually went up in the air and landed sideways to the flow of traffic. The other two (first and last) remained in their proper alignment. The folks along the trail were simply astounded since they (like us) both saw and heard the entire thing and rushed to the fence to get a closer look. City life is quite “exciting” in ways that are sometimes lethal.

We passed the Buddy Guy Legends nightclub and noticed (at least Connie did) that the new Columbia College bicycle parking lot was completed and looking quite pristine. It is at the other end of the block from Legends. By the time we had reached the van it was nearly 6 PM.

I was thirsty. So we stopped for some iced chai tea in the Little Italy area’s Starbucks and headed back home along Cermak Road. The other thoroughfares leading in and out of the city were miserable.

Distance: 23.3 miles
Time: 2h 50m 27s