Veggie Fest Toodle 2011

Breakfast and A Ride

Veggie Fest 2011

We have been having a good deal of roadwork in our immediate area. It was a toss up whether to ride to breakfast and then over to the Veggie Fest or drive to breakfast and then leave on bicycle from home. We opted for the latter.

The whole of Butterfield is being widened (from two lanes to four) for about a mile or two on either side of Naperville Road and that makes for slow traffic. It would be dangerous to ride a bike along Butterfield in this area just now. But more to the point the whole of Naperville Road (a north-south road that crosses Butterfield) is also under construction for a half mile in either direction from the intersection with Butterfield. So we drove.

By the time we returned home and got the bikes ready it was getting on towards 11 AM. We headed out of the driveway after pumping up the tires and affixing the fairings. It felt good to be heading somewhere interesting.

We took side streets that allowed us to reach Butterfield while avoiding any real traffic. And then we crossed at one of the few open intersections just east of Naperville Road. Leask Lane is a winding road that leads past the south sections of the Danada Farms Forest Preserve. It can have early morning traffic but it is mild by comparison with Naperville Road.

We even took a detour into a subdivision we have passed hundreds of times and never once drove through. Kids from one of the very nicely appointed homes shouted and waved and gave forth with the “Cool Bikes” shout that kids generally use. I waved and we continued on our way.

At Pebble Creek street we turned into yet another subdivision and found a “sneak” that lead us onto the Navistar Property that is also currently under construction. We were able to navigate most of the barricades strewn across the roadway save the last. And getting around it merely meant ducking under the boom of the roadway scraper and stepping onto the grass alongside the road before returning to the pavement on the other side.

Veggie Fest The Celebration

As we made our way off the Navistar property you could hear the music and speakers over loud hailers and the general commotion of the crowd from a hundred yards away. After a bit of seeking we finally discovered that the only way to easily ride into the area was to enter via the hotel parking lot adjacent to the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center.

I waited while Connie entered the steep foot ramp onto the property and fended off nosey folks who as usually wanted to know how expensive the bikes must be. Meanwhile I listened to the speaker in the adjacent tent who was talking about the vegetarian lifestyle and in the process listed any number of famous vegetarians known to all.

It turns out that the place where we were parked was being saved for the keynote speaker so I got the bum’s rush and had to move the bikes over to another spot. A short while later Connie returned and suggested we perhaps ought to consider making a fast getaway pointing to a rapidly approaching storm from the north.

I agreed and waited a couple of minutes while she ran back and purchased a souvenir t-shirt. Then we made our way along Warrenville Road back to Leask Lane and headed north as fast as our legs could carry us.

As we neared North Avenue the clouds opened up and we got soaked. And I mean that literally. My glasses were wet enough that vision was a problem but once inside the Danada East subdivision where the car traffic is non-existent we settled into a steady pace and made it home with ease.

It was a fun ride and despite the rain I would have done it all again.

A New Camera and Luncheon

Nikon Coolpix S9100

Back home we wiped down the bikes and parked them in the garage. The it was off to Naf Naf Grill for luncheon and then a drive over to Calumet Photo to buy a replacement camera for Connie’s Nikon Coolpix S8000. She upgraded to the Nikon Coolpix S9100. It is a bit like the Nikon Coolpix S8100 that I have but with a longer zoom lens and a few more nifty Scene Features to use when taking images.

All-in-all it was a great day and we look forward to seeing the “Tall Ships” tomorrow!

Distance: 13.4 miles
Time: 1h 37m 59s