Chase the Moon Ride 2011

Decorated bikes

Ride to the Ride

We left home at about 10 PM with the idea of riding from our home to the ride start in time to register, grab some food and use the washrooms. We set a leisurely pace and avoided as much traffic as possible. You never know when a slightly buzzed driver will run up your backside and despite your demise gets off with only a six-month stint in the slammer.

At this time of night it is coolish and even foggy in places. Your body temperature is pretty easy to regulate if you have enough clothes on to ward off the chills. We arrived without incident.

Registration and Waiting To Begin

After registering Connie came back with her t-shirt and some other trinkets that were handed out for the riders to wear. Especially important was a rear blinker for the back of your clothing to help announce your presence to riders and drivers alike.

At precisely midnight the crowd took off for Fermi Lab which is about a mile from the ride start along Batavia Road. Once inside the Lab grounds we proceed at a leisurely pace near the very end of the phalanx of riders. You can tell almost immediately which riders have LED headlights and which incandescent. The latter are dull and yellowish while the LEDs are brilliant white and really light up the roadway.

Families are out ahead of us with kids and teens riding in groups. Everyone is having a pretty good time despite the chilly air. We follow other riders as we wind our way around the accelerator rings. There is one rest stop inside Fermi Lab grounds. And in addition you can grab some water if you have run out.

Apres Ride

We exit the grounds with other riders on our way back to the ride start. Only this time there is no police escort allowing us to cross Route 59 unhindered. Back at the ride start the crowd is milling around exchanging stories and gathering up the remaining food and drink before heading home.

We decide to make our way back along Mack Road and into downtown Wheaton to climb up on the plateau where we live. Our neighbors are all in bed. Their houses are lit from the outside for safety. We turn into our driveway and park our bikes in the garage.

A nice ride and now for a shower and some well deserved sleep at 4 AM.

Distance: 32.3 miles
Time: 3h 32m 22s