EBC Ride Along the OPRT 6-28-2011

Outbound Leg

Beidert Green Commons Granary

Kathy Wagner-Selbach led a ride along the Old Plank Road Trail this morning. There were almost a dozen or so riders present. Most were faces I did not know or had seen a few times in the past. But it was a great day to be out riding and that was all that mattered.

I rode the Tour Easy today. I donned the fairing and after making a pit stop took off with the rest of the riders as we made our way west towards Joliet. The Frankfort Beidert Green Commons is undergoing more maintenance and restoration. In fact the building below the granary is getting resided.

Along the I spotted Dieter and Joe riding on their own in the crisp morning air. The group I was with picked a 13 mph pace and held that pretty much all the way towards Joliet.

There were quite a few dog walkers and other cyclists out and about today. The dogs seem to be especially appreciative of the cooler weather. I said hello to one very happy looking Labrador Mix who was having a heck of a time trying to sort out all the commotion as riders and runners were passing by in both directions.

Inbound Leg

My Tour Easy parked outside the coffee shop

At the turnaround point it was time for a few folks to visit the washrooms. I was feeling fine and needed to get back to Nelson with as much time to spare to be able to stay with the group since the terrain was all uphill to that point. So I took off and nearly made it to Nelson before they did.

I maintained a steady 12-13 mph back into Frankfort. The workmen were still hard at it. I found the group over at the Deli behind the coffee shop. Like most of the others I grabbed a bottle of water from the bike and a pack of energy bars and went in through the deli to reach the outdoor eatery area.

We sat chatting for a while before the owner let us know that if we were not buying food we should move ourselves to the main courtyard, which we did.


Beidert Green Commons

Most of the riders were doing the second 20 miles to the east. I said my goodbyes and waited awhile for the recumbent group that I had seen heading west earlier in our ride.

But before they departed we talked about carbon fiber bikes. It turns out that at least one or two of the riders had owned them and found that they cracked over time. This did not surprise me. But to a person everyone agreed that they were very comfortable bikes to ride.

The tandem couple had already left and were headed east. And now the remainder of the group was headed out after them. I am not certain that everyone who returns later will stop in for a deli sandwich because some felt it was a bit demeaning to have been tossed out of the eating area. But it was too nice a day to let that be a “show stopper”.

Distance: 22.4 miles
Time: 1h 59m 37s