Fox River Trail Toodle 6-26-2011

Picking A Destination

Fox River Trail Toodle

The bikes were already packed from yesterday’s ride so it was a matter of choosing a destination on the way to breakfast. Over bagels with peanut butter and acai smoothies we decided to revisit the Fox River Trail.

The constant dress rehearsal for an anti-gun video that seems to have settled on the City of Chicago made it an easy choice. Anyone who deems the solution to be concealed carry in the city has got to be an candidate for a spot on the Jerry Springer Show.

This town has actually gotten worse with respect to gun violence in the past few years, or at least it seems so. The telling facts are that off-duty police have become the targets as well as ordinary citizens. Young kids are suffering gunshots while playing in their front yards.

The Founding Fathers May Have Made A Mistake

Knuckleheads need not be allowed to participate in the Second Amendment privileges in which the rest of us share. All we need is a screening test that will identify them and we can commence to pulling their social privileges once and for all.

I’d offer that anyone who even thinks about joining a street gang is a candidate for a loss of a host of social privileges. But failing that being adopted there has to be something that is as solid as DNA testing or finger prints that can help get these miscreants off the streets and return neighborhoods to their rightful owners.

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

The Fox River Trail was ablaze with activity of all sorts. Dog walkers, joggers, boaters, fishermen, stroller pushers and of course bikers were everywhere. I noticed any number of folks in wheel chairs who despite their frailties seemed to be enjoying the sunshine as much as anyone else.

We rode along the western bank of the river towards Geneva in search of sunshine and surprises. It was not until we reached the far side of St. Charles that the crowds thinned out a bit. Connie had a funny episode with a couple of juvenile geese who having consulted with one another decided to dart in front of her bike waving their wings and thumping their chests. Another bike rider coming from the opposite direction saw the whole thing and like her smiled at their bravado!

We left the trail just before reaching North Avenue and took 5th Street up towards the far side of town. It was nice on a hot day to avoid some of the steeper sections that constitute the bike trail as it leaves the St. Charles Police Station parking lot.

We rode north to the connection to the trail that extends behind the old Arthur Andersen property and rode along the gravel stretch in relatively comfortable shade. A couple was stopped along the trailside. He was fixing a motorized scooter for her.

Up ahead we emerged from the shaded trail section and now rode along a neighborhood street before once again reaching another legitimate trail section. Here the trail goes on street as it follows a climb up to the Tekawitha Nature Center. We stopped and sat in the shade.

The decision was to find a washroom and then turn back. A ways away we spotted a house under construction with an porta-potty beckoning us over. Afterwards we turned back along the trail towards Batavia.

Inbound Leg

The couple with the electric scooter was just ahead as we began our return trip. She was perched atop the scooter with a very large parasol opened and covering her, looking all the world like a queen out taking her daily constitutional.

As we re-entered the shaded area along the trail a family of four was up ahead waiting to assault the steep climb up to the 3rd Street. The father was on roller blades and the mother pulling the youngest child in a bugger. Their son was riding a child’s bike with all the vigor his four year old legs could muster. After all he had just learned to ride without training wheels and I had given him a very strong compliment on how cool his bike looked and he was ready to tackle Mont Ventoux at this point.

He made it almost all the way up the climb which is pretty amazing given the number of adults on geared bikes that cannot accomplish this with any regularity. And he was doing it on a bike with a single gear! Watch out Lance Armstrong!

Back in St. Charles

We almost stopped for coffee but Connie would have rather saved it for later so we kept going on past North Avenue and the Starbucks Coffee Shop there. Up ahead we took a break in a shady area. It was a really nice day and I decided to make at least one or two movie clips of the river and the trail activity.

Then it was back on the bikes and one last potty stop (this time for me) before we hit the split that takes us into Batavia. From there it was a steady pace to the outdoor seating at El Taco Grande.

Luncheon Is Served

I was hungry and thirsty at once. So I ordered a Negra Modelo and at the last moment deviated with happy outcome from my usual vegetarian burrito. I ordered instead the Guacamole Burrito with sides of beans and rice.

This turned out to be delightful! The guacamole was cold and made for a better tasting meal than steamed vegetables. And it was served with a good dose of lime juice mixed in.

After the meal we rode back to the van, me with the two boxes of unfinished luncheon tied together in a plastic bag dangling from my left arm. One bike riding past teased me about the unorthodox manner of transporting what looked to her to be “carry out” meals. I smiled.

We packed up the bikes and called it a day. It was off in search of some iced coffee and vanilla biscuits from Starbucks for dessert.

Distance: 16.8 miles
Time: 2h 14m 26s