Exploratory Fox River Ride

Scouting The Connections

Stearns Road Bridge over Fox River

Connie and I drove up towards the Stearns Road Project to try to find out where the marsupial bridge that was part of this effort connected with the Fox River. Then it was a drive back to the Tekawitha Forest Preserve where she began her solo ride to view the on-the-ground connections. Her first effort was the find the Stearns Road Bridge and cross it to the east side of the Fox River and then head over to the Stearns Road Underpass.

The bridge is really a very well done project. It makes it possible to ride the north branch of the Illinois Prairie Path without having to enter Elgin. You have to travel a couple of miles between the old IPP route and the Fox River but it is well mapped and all but one tiny portion of the trail is well-paved. Right now you have to get off your bike to walk around the point where the railroad tracks intersect the trail near Stearns Road.

After reaching the underpass we discussed trying out one more section of the areas trail system. This was the Silver Glen Trail that leads to a nicely appointed bridge over Randall Road. Despite the fact that the route from the Fox River Trail to Route 31 where it intersects with Silver Glen Road is a bit sketchy, she was able to find it and make the trip to the Randall Road crossing.

I picked her up in the strip mall parking lot and we headed home for the day.

Distance: 9.5 miles
Time: 1h 5m 25s