Father’s Day Ride 2011

Outbound Leg

Burnham Park Bike Rental

The La Rabida Children’s Hospital parking lot is a good choice if you want safe parking that is FREE! After getting our bikes ready we head down to the South Shore Cultural Center for a Nature Break. Then we hit the trail in earnest to make our way northward to the Museum Campus Area just behind the Field Museum of Natural History and the Shedd Aquarium.

As we leave the Cultural Center a group of roadies coming up from the Burnham Greenway area pass us with a flourish. We settle in for a toodle up the Lakefront Trail north towards the Chicago Loop.

We take side streets over towards our destination on Taylor Street but get a bit lost before heading further north to reach Harrison Street where we can safely cross the Chicago River. As we pass the Andrew Jackson Language Academy I stop to take a picture of the sculptures near its entrance.

Then we continue up Loomis to reach the Columbus Park Fountain. The fountain area is a gem nestled into the Little Italy community.

We reach Taylor Street itself where we pick up some veggie burritos and Jarritos to drink and then head back to the Joe DiMaggio Plaza across from the Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame.

Inbound Leg

Joe DiMaggio Plaza for Luncheon

We decide to have coffee after we return to the van. So off we head on a southbound leg along Loomis towards 31st Street. The city has signs posted to let you know where you can duck into the Lakefront Trail from points to the west of it.

There is one problem. The city directs you towards 33rd Street rather than taking you across the 31st Street overpass of the Lake Shore Drive. This turns out to be a bad idea for two folks riding LWB recumbents!

So we backtrack to 31st Street and cross in fine style! Then its back to the van and off to find some coffee to help with the drive home.

It was a great ride and the weather was delightful. There was a bit of fog blanketing the Loop area and later in the day it moved offshore a bit. But all-in-all the temperatures were fine as well as the low humidity and we never saw a drop of rain during our ride.