Batavia to Oswego Bike Shop and Back

Outbound Leg

The weather today was merely fantastic! Hot but not too humid with a smattering of clouds to keep the blue sky honest and a bit of a breeze. I was joined today once again by Lee Gernes. We made pit stops at the police station before heading over to the Walgreens to buy some suntan lotion for Lee. Then it was off to see the remainder of the southern portion of the Fox River Trail.

The trail was oddly full of riders today. Some appeared to be readying their legs for RAGBRAI as they had on that jersey. Others were merely out and about and enjoying the weather as were we. Fishermen hugged the banks of the river and fished while runners jogged past in lone formations or with others.

By the time we reached Oswego it was getting on towards 10:30 AM and the temperature was beginning to rise. Lee stopped in the Oswego Bike Shop to have his rear wheel hub nuts tightened. They appeared to have worked themselves loose after his last maintenance work.

I waited outside the shop and greeted the various customers who were entering for service of all kinds. When Lee finally emerged he appeared to be ready to head back to the ride start so we did that rather than stopping for coffee.

Inbound Leg

The first stop we made was the local visitors park in search of water for Lee’s water bottle. But oddly there was not a single fountain anywhere. There were porta-potties and a solitary soda machine but no water fountains! Very odd indeed.

Later along the trail we found a gas station where he was able to find water. And so without much further ado we set out again towards Batavia. To keep things a bit fresher we made every attempt to ride the opposite side of the river where possible.

Luncheon And Bulldogs After The Ride

By the time we had returned to Batavia it was hot but not torrid. And Lee wanted to know if I was up for the El Taco Grande restaurant experience. I said yes and we rode over on our bikes.

Batavia Bulldogs

As we were crossing the bridge to reach the restaurant I spotted the one remaining bulldog sculpture that had eluded us last Sunday. It was the one where the bulldog was wearing a windmill around its neck. I grabbed a couple of images before we pulled up to the restaurant’s outdoor seating area.

The food was very good, perhaps even exceptional. I enjoyed a vegetarian burrito and a glass of beer. Lee had the steak burrito and a Lime Jarrito. We were both quite happy with the meal and spent a bit of time chatting afterwards before heading back to the cars.

A very nice day of riding indeed.

Distance: 28.1 miles
Time: 2h 45m 59s