“Go Fly A Kite” Toodle

Cue sheet for Frontier Park Kite Fly Festival

Butterfly Kite

Deja Vu, All Over Again

Wheaton had a version of this event earlier in the year. We went there and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Enough so that when I learned about this one today in Frontier Park I wasted no time in planning a route to get there as close to noon as possible.

This is the third annual kite flying day for Naperville. Here is a video from last year. The venue here is pretty large and makes it a great deal easier for the public to fly their own kites. But today the intensity of the wind left a bit to be desired. The larger kites could barely be kept aloft.

Nevertheless lots of ordinary citizens had their kites aloft and were enjoying every minute of a gorgeously sunny day.


We sat in the pavilion and ate our bagels with peanut butter. Connie purchased bottles of ice cold water for us and we shared a fruit plate. It was a delightful time as we listened to the family adjacent to our table discuss their kite flying experiences.

Evidently they travel around the country to these kite flying exhibitions and are on intimate terms with several of the professional kite flyers. Neat!

Heading Home, Serendipitously

After all the planning I had done in RideWithGps.com to create the cuesheet for our ride here, I decided to let the GPS simply choose our way home. That turned out to be a curious experience. It took us through several subdivisions before settling us down on Naperville/Plainfield Road.

This is a four lane road and at first I was a bit concerned about whether we would fit in with the traffic. As it turned out the travel was quite nice since the automobile traffic could use the second lane to move around us. We travelled quickly arriving back in downtown Naperville in time to grab a fruit smoothie at the local Jamba Juice.

We climbed back on the bikes and headed along Mill Street to Wheaton and home. A great day for a ride and we really did enjoy the kite displays!

Distance: 35.1 miles
Time: 3h 41m 35s