Windy 60 Ride – DeKalb, IL.

Saturday Travels

Weird Harley-Davidson Display Dummy

We drove up to Hales Corners, WI yesterday to chat with Harry Wozniak. He’s back at his old station a couple of days a week now. He was in fine form, regaling us with stories and helping interested customers decide which bikes to buy.

Lois and Jim Warax came by as well. They are in the process of purchasing a couple of new TerraTrikes and are awaiting the build of the bikes later in the season.

We picked up a few maintenance items for our bikes and after saying our goodbyes headed over to Chipotle for a veggie burrito before heading home.

Outside a Harley Davidson accessory shop we spotted a really bizarre dummy! Yikes!

Windy 60 Ride – 40th Annual

Weathered Barn

From their web site posting:

The 40th Annual Windy 60 Ride, hosted by the DeKalb County Bicycle Club, comes early this year!
The ride starts at the NIU Rec Center at the corner of Annie Glidden and Lucinda in DeKalb.

This ride is amazing in that only four people are responsible for all the planning and execution. They are a remnant of a now defunct bicycle club and are carrying on the tradition. Wonderful!

We rounded up our gear, visited the registration area just outside the Student Recreation Center and made a pitstop inside before heading out on the route. There is generally not much to say about a route like this except that there were lots of nifty things to see but not enough time to capture them all.

We say lots of cattle, horses and dogs both large and small. The biggest was a Mastiff who was evidently enamored of a pony in her corral. He nuzzled her when she came over to see him. Otherwise she pranced around enjoying the fine weather.

NIU Student Recreation Center

The bikers were friendly and of course curious about recumbents. Even some of the folks whose homes lay near the route came out to see the bikes we rode.

The rest stops were fully stocked with bananas, cookies and peanut butter and jelly sandwich fixings.

The theme of this ride was the wind itself. I tried to capture its ferocity in a couple of video clips of the grasses along the roadway. But frankly it was the windfarm turbines which best illustrated its power. Trying to ride nearly 50 miles in that wind was daunting. Fortunately it was that way only about half the time.

Arriving back at our van my knees were aching! It had effectively been a 50-mile steady climb that the wind represented and my body showed the effects. I had sweated out so much salt that my gloves and shirt were nearly pure white!

You might like this ride, so give it a look-see next season. Hopefully they will carry it on another year or so.

Distance: 46.8 miles
Time: 5h 14m 20s