Working Bikes and Batavia Visits

Working Bikes Cooperative

LL Bean Was Closed

We grabbed some breakfast and headed over to LL Bean to return some clothing that Connie had purchased. But the place was closed today and that was a bit of a disappointment.

Our next stop was the Lincoln Park REI store. It’s one of the fancier ones in the Chicagoland area and in a fairly nice neighborhood. Connie went in while I sat in the car and when she returned we were both in possession of new Keen sandals. She has the traditional bike sandal and mine are the new HybridBike models. They look a bit more like full bike shoes but have the open areas for summer wear.

Working Bikes

A bit of a detour brought us to the Working Bikes Cooperative prior to heading home. The place is a far ways from its original location in Hyde Park. But the building looks promising. We have some things to drop off their in the coming weeks.

Connie took a few images of the facade and details around the front of the building and then we were off for home.

Cable Replacement and Seat Restringing

Yesterday I replaced the front brake cable on my Easy Racers Tour Easy (TE). I decided it might be a good idea to follow that up with a new rear brake cable. But in the light of an afternoon sun it seemed a waste of a good cable as the old one showed no wear.

I did however readjust the arms on the front brake to add a bit of extra clearance and pronounced everything as it should be!

I was about  to call it quits for the day when I decided that with an hour of down time I could at least tackle the restringing of Connie’s seat. So we pulled out the stash of new Kevlar cording and set about trying to relace the seat mesh.

If you haven’t tried this then take heed. It is a more difficult job than it would appear because the cording does not easily thread through the holes in either the mesh or the relatively larger holes in the seat frame. This is due in part to the fact that the cording unravels and skins itself at the slightest provocation.

I ended up burning the loose end to make things easier and that seemed to help. Once the seat was relaced Connie took it out for a stroll to make certain it was OK. It seemed fine and frankly I was happy to have that task in the “rear view mirror”.

(Note: When attempting this yourself be sure that realize that the two side of the seat have similar but opposite handed threading needs. The instructions are for the RIGHT side of the seat. This was a bit of a problem as Connie and I were looking at different sides of the seat of two different bikes and deciding that the other person was clearly wrong headed. Turns out we were both right. Beware!)

Dinner At El Taco Grande

We drove to Batavia and had dinner at El Taco Grande. It has been a year or more since our last visit. The food was great and the weather was nice and cool. We enjoyed veggie burritos with rice and had homemade chips and salsa as an appetizer. Yummy!

Before leaving town we cruised over to see the work that had been done on the visitors center in the parking lot adjacent to the Police Station. Nice job and they have added some new plaques and such for the windmill collection that adorns the grounds.

Hope to be back there sometime soon to enjoy the ambiance of the Fox River Valley.