Naf Naf Grill Toodle

Navistar Home Office

A Breakfast Drive

We drove to breakfast after considering the lateness of the hour. It was close to 11 AM and I knew that I wanted to eat earlier than noon, so we drove for bagels and OJ. We sat eating the bagels in the parking lot and enjoying the all too rare sunshine this Spring. It was certainly going to be a great day for cycling.

On the way home it was decided to skip the coffee and instead get the bikes ready. Since it had rained the night before the trails were no doubt a bit damp and so we decided to take streets and that meant the Easy Racers Tour Easy bikes.

I had on long underwear in the event it turned out to be cooler earlier rather than later and so I felt no need for a jacket and packed it away for the duration of the trip.

Setting Out

Naf Naf Grill was to be the destination and that meant fine-tuning the trip on the fly. And it indeed ended up being an outbound leg that was a bit of a twisty route. Most of the riding was through subdivisions where kids were out playing and other bikers waved as they passed.

By the time we reached Wheaton-Warrenville HS it was clear that the winds were a steady gale from the west and we had been riding into it for most of the way thus far. The flags on the poles along Wiesbrook Road were stiffly fluttering as we climbed somewhat slowly up Embden Street.

On Wiesbrook the going was a bit faster. By now the wind was at our right shoulder and wanted to blow us onto the roadway off the shoulder. It was therefore quite easy to gain speed by pedaling and steering back towards the shoulder. It would have been even easier had I given into my initial thought to bring our tailsocks!

Now on Warrenville Road head back east towards Freedom Road we were flying downhill with the wind at our backs! Whee! I decided at the last minute to avoid Freedom and turned off early onto Washington Street where we took the sidewalk (to avoid stopping for the light) and made our way over to Diehl Road.

Before long we had settled into seats in Naf Naf Grill and were having a luncheon of falafel, Jerusalem Salad, lentil soup and pickles and olives. This was all being washed down with Perrier water.

Inbound Leg

As we left Naf Naf Grill we decided on using Freedom Road and heading over to the Lucent/Alcatel Building. We rode around its outer perimeter and then crossed to the other side of Naperville Road to enter the grounds where the former Lucent/Alcatel Building now sits. Navistar has bought the building and a guard let me know that taking pictures was verboten!

Evidently the place is doing government contracts and is off limits to bicyclists. But we continued through their parking lot and out the other side and made our way over to Leask Lane and headed along it towards Danada Square.

There is an apartment complex just to the east of Danada and we rode through its parking lots to reach the park behind its subdivision and made our way home.

It was a nice ride and by the looks of it other folks were also out and about enjoying these all too infrequent vestiges of Spring weather.


Just as I was pulling into the driveway at home I managed to nearly dump the bike! Yikes! I grabbed the left brake lever and in the process the head of the brake cable actually snapped off! So it meant digging through my toolbox to find a replacement cable and installing it in place of the one I had removed.

In the process we discovered that the rubber bumper on the brake noodle was rotting so Connie remembered that we had a replacement for this as well and before long the whole thing was replaced and working like new. But tomorrow I need to find a source of cable ends to crimp onto the end that I had to cut.

Oh well. I had meant to take a trip to REI in search of some Keen sandals anyway.