COD Toodle 4-2-2011


Our day began with a quick trip to Einstein Brothers Bagels for of all things bagels with peanut butter, OJ and a fruit cup. I guess if you have been following for a while you sense a theme here. I love peanut butter so much that it is frightening. I just wish it was more widely available.

And then we made a mad dash homeward to greet the Honda mower repairman who was going to get our “baby” into tip-top shape for the mowing season. Then it was a quick change into long underwear and riding gear to brave what temperatures there might be and then we moved outdoors to top off the air in the tires, load the water bottles and GPS unit before hitting the road.

A Problem Surfaces

Turns out that two of our bikes had flat front wheels. It was a bit of a surprise but it made it easier to choose which bikes to ride. The Taiwanese Tour Easy LEs won out and despite the fact that my front wheel was flat it inflated and stayed that way throughout the ride. Go figure!

Connie’s Tour Easy had a flat front wheel and I decided that it was probably the least solvable of the two in a short time so we did not use it and chose its Taiwanese counterpart instead.

Picking A Route

First it was off in a westerly direction into Glen Ellyn before Connie decided it might be fun to ride over to the College of DuPage (COD) and so we did. As it happened a group of motorcyclists were assembled for a class which included outdoor instructions and we got to watch!

There were probably about 45 riders in three different groups, each with its own instructors. The fanned out into the parking lot and presumably after some indoor classroom instruction were now getting the outdoor equivalent in how to start the engine and the ABCs of motorcycling. (NOTE: There is an equivalent for bicycling.)

After watching for a few minutes we decided to keep moving since my joints were feeling the effects of the cold air. So it was off to McAninch Performance Center before heading back in towards home.

Finally Some Flowers and Robins

The last leg of our trip was along a side street where we encountered some two dozen robins gathered under a berry tree. They were feasting on old berries, bless their little hearts. And not far ahead we encountered some crocuses that had bloomed and were gratefully serving as additional harbingers of Spring!

Back home I swapped out the innertube in Connie’s TE front wheel and discovered that the old one had simply sloughed off a patch that I had tried to instead last fall. Guess this mechanic needs to work on being more patient when waiting for glue to dry?

The Bike Rack

Our stash of inner tubes was down to one so we drove out to see Hal Honeyman and he too was in the same boat. So he promised to order more for next weekend. Whew!

Distance: 9.0 Miles
Time: 1h 12m 30s