South West and North East Weekend

Silver Spring State Park

It was an interesting couple of days that we had driving first south west towards Yorkville and then on Sunday north east to visit Kenosha.

The lands south west of Wheaton are still developing. Lots of new housing and older farms, some of which are obvviously now corporate farms. This is the region where once the Elmhurst Metro Metric took place. We revisited the downtown section of Yorkville where the old route took you a block or so off of Main Street and up some really steep side streets on your way out to Silver Springs State Park.

The roadways were a bit sketchy then (as I can see from hindsight) but it was nevertheless a nice route.

Today we drove north east towards Kenosha. My GPS unit gave me a funny arrival spot for Kenosha which ended up being alongside the Metra Train Station that runs through the heart of town. We rode past the Washington Park Velodrome and then up to Carthage College. We never made it to the scenic wharf section where we had intended to eat luncheon because I had this notion to try out FoodStuffs a haunt that Ed Gin uses for his rides.

As we navigated towards it the GPS had us on a fairly busy street and guess who was riding by with a half dozen or so in tow, Ed himself along with three recumbents and the remaining being uprights. It was a fairly brisk day and while not as nasty perhaps as the weather experienced in the Paris-Nice Cycling Event being held today it was nevertheless not warm.

We got he folks at FoodStuffs to whip up a vegan roasted vegetable panini for each of us which we washed down with cranberry flavored sodas. The filling that surrounded the veggies was humus and a few other things. Actually quite good. We drove back while munching trying to make our way home to spend a few hours recapping the day.