Channahon State Park to Seneca Weekend

Channahon State Park

Eventually the weather will reach the point where it becomes easier to determine whether to ride or not. Right now it is much easier to go on scouting drives to see what things have changed “on the ground” for routes we anticipate riding come Spring.

Today we drove from Channahon State Park to Seneca in search of the burro and horse that we remembered from years past. Alas there was no sign of either. Only cows grazing on hay on a farm just outside of Seneca. I don’t begrudge the cows their hay, it’s just that the horse and burro seemed such an “odd couple” that they made for interesting watching.

I wonder if either is alive anymore? I wish both of them well for their presence on the route towards Seneca always seemed to give me hope that the world had a brighter future. You sometimes read about a male moose that falls in love with a domesticated cow and hangs around for weeks on the off chance of “talking” with her. It strikes you as odd and somehow sad.

And then there are the foundlings that are abandoned in the wild and brought in to a mother cat or dog who nurses them to the weaning state as if they were one of her own. If animals can be that kind then surely there is hope for humans?

The Landscape

I never tire of the landscape along the I & M Canal and further inland. There is something about farms and seemingly unpaved land stretching out for miles that has an allure for me. Even the sight of power line towers does not diminish that feeling. In fact it enhances it a bit. I don’t know why, but it does.

By the time this long winter has ended it should be fun to once again get back on the bike and be able to ride a good way in a self-supported manner. Until then I am enjoying the changes that come to the surroundings here in Illinois.