Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen Weekend

Hyde Park Underpass Murals

Breakfast was the first order of the day. We picked up bagels with peanut butter, fresh fruit cups and orange juice at Einstein Brothers Bagels. Afterwards we stopped at Starbucks for coffees with soy toppers and headed over to the Super Target store to see if they had a rather esoteric bulb that works with my desk lamp. No luck.

The Lakefront Trail needed some investigation and it gave us an excuse to drive into the city for luncheon. So off we headed via GPS directions to the LaRabida Children’s Hospital parking lot to see whether the  southern end of this trail was passable.

On our way in we drive through the Latino Community just east of the Midway Airport. The brightly colored shops are a visual treat for the eyes and mind after a more than drab winter full of cloudy skies and high winds. Today the light is bright and crisp and my camera seems to fall out of its case ready to capture the visual world I have been missing lo these many weeks.

When we reach the hospital I drive around checking out the stone breakers along the shoreline. Lots of cyclists out today. What is evident is that some of the underpasses have not been plowed and are choked with mounds of melting snow. The surface of the trail is full of gravel and sand fragments from the brutal snowfall a few weeks ago.

Promontory Point

Up near the Promontory Point area you can see debris strewn all along the grasses closest to the trail. The storm surge has tossed up boulders of at least four or five pounds and they are several inches deep in some places.

Further ahead we spot the same sort of carnage preventing the riders from staying on the level portion of the trail and forcing them to climb up to the overpass in order to continue forward. This storm must have been terribly strong!

It’s time for something to eat so we head over to the Cedars Mediterranean Kitchens for falafels with Jerusalem Salad, grilled cauliflower and eggplant with onions, warmed dolmas with greens and tomatoes. There is a basket of warmed pita bread as well. We drink water with the meal not wanting to overpower any of the flavors with something sweet.

After paying the bill we head out to find more images to take back with us. There is an underpass below the South Shore train tracks where some very nice murals have been painted. Connie steps out of the van and takes the time to do both side of the underpass before heading back.

We ride along the route we took into the city as the sunlight is streaming in at a very low angle making driving quite difficult. But being outside in sunshine and warm temperatures is an aphrodisiac of a powerful nature. You simply can’t get enough of the sensations, smells and visual offerings. Spring is here it would seem.